Audi S7 - Ceramic Coating Protection

"Even though we believe in

using the highest quality products much magic happens

in the preparation

for a ceramic coating..."

This Audi S7 has been wonderfully maintained, but the paint was lacking long lasting protection. This car sees everything from winter road salt to summer bug guts. Without protection its appearance could age quicker than the owners would hope.

We hopped into this project with our vehicle prep process. This begins with everything from the engine bay being detailed, to the door jams being hand washed along with the gas door. The wheels, tires, exhaust tips, and fender liners are all sorted as well. Then we can move on to the paint!

The paint is first rinsed to remove any debris sitting loose on the paint or hiding in cracks and crevices. We then can spray our first layer of foam to provide lubrication for a few different small brushes to clean around window edges, where body panels meet, or under door handles. We follow up with another rinse.

Now the S7 is ready for a hand wash that begins with another layer of foam. We hand wash with color coded mitts to ensure that the mitts touching the main painted surfaces are not the same as those used on the bottom side of rocker panels or on the edges of the fender wells. We rinse again and now we are ready for several decontaminating steps!

Next is tar removal. We seek out tar and use chemicals to break down and remove any deposits. After another rinse we chemically decontaminate the paint with an iron fallout remover. This removes any bonded metallic particles from the paint. Again we rinse... Now we foam the car again for a clay lubricant. The entire car is gone over with clay to remove any last bonded particles from the paint. The brown hue on the clay shows that even though all prior steps on clean car did some good they did not get everything.

You may be thinking this is a bit crazy. You said the car was well cared for! But, these are the right steps to make sure contaminates do not harm the paint during our polishing. The polishing step is the final removal of any tiny particles bonded to the paint. It has enhances the shine of the paint, giving it a bit more of a liquid like appearance.

Prior to starting we tape off all sensitive areas and then polish the car with various 5", 3", 2", and 1" polishers, giving us a surface we know that a ceramic coating can chemically bond.

Once the entire car has been polished it is wiped down with 99% isopropyl alcohol. This step can be tricky on certain paints, which is why our inventory in high quality towels is more expensive that we care to admit. But, the combination of experience and the right tools are what are needed. This isn't our first rodeo...

Now we are ready for a ceramic coating. For this project we felt based on our client's budget and need for high performance that Modesta BC-08 Ceramic Coating was the perfect choice. BC-08's high level of performance and price point is ideal for many daily driven cars.

After our crew straps back on their respirators and puts on a fresh pair of gloves we are ready to rock. We have tested countless ceramic coatings and we find this to be one of the most enjoyable to install. As solvents flash away an iridescent rainbow begins to form on the surface. The coating is leveled and inspected for any inconsistent high spots.

Once verified that the installation has passed inspection it moves on to the infrared curing process. Each area is cured giving assurance that the chemical bond has taken place.

During our curing process final details like glass cleaning, exhaust tip polishing, tire dressing and a light interior detail are all completed.

Our last step involves applying Modesta M-1 to the coated areas. M-1 like the BC-08 ceramic coating, is applied by an authorized installer only. This last step protectant has a different chemical makeup than the ceramic coating, consisting of many different organic components, helping resist water spotting and mineral deposits.

If you have seen other accounts of how a ceramic coating are applied that leave some of these steps out, know that each we have covered are there for a very specific objective reasons. Even though we believe in using the highest quality products, much of the magic happens in the preparation for a ceramic coating. The combination of proper preparation and quality products mean that with proper care the ceramic coating is bonded and there to last!

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