2009 Nissan 370Z - 2 Step Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

Even well cared for vehicles accumulate scratches and swirls over the years, leaving behind a hazy and dull finish.

On this project we knew the black Nissan paint would be soft and tricky to work with. But, our goal was to remove the majority of scratches and swirls with a two stage paint correction to revive a glossy finish. We then could protect the paint with Modesta BC-08 ceramic coating to help keep the vehicle swirl free with its self-cleaning properties.

A foam bath prior to decontamination is the proper start to begin stripping away any bugs and grime. This would be followed by both a chemical and mechanical (clay) decontamination, prior to any paint correction.

The foam provides lubrication for soft detail brushes to clean around areas like emblems and tight crevices under the wing.

Another point of focus was to revive the cloudy headlights and protect them with paint protection film to keep them from yellowing again. Headlight restoration started with wetsanding away the couldy, degraded, UV coating on the lens. It can then be polished and covered with film to prevent future yellowing and cloudiness.

Getting into the paint correction, we knew black Nissan paint has the reputation for being notoriously soft. This means it is very easy to accumulate scratches and swirls in the paint without expert care. The good news was we were able to tackle the vast majority of the swirls.

The paint covered in scratches and swirls looked much different once corrected. This 50/50 picture shows how it began on the left side and how it looked complete on the right side.

Mike works around the more intricate handle area with the 3" polisher. We used a combination of the 5", 3", 2", and 1" polishers on this vehicle to do our best to revive the paint in even the tough to reach areas.

Even in diffused lighting the swirls were easily visible.

After compounding the the swirls were gone.

Once the paint was remedied it was then covered in the industry leading Modesta BC-08 ceramic coating and cured under the infrared curing lamp. This coating will fortunately give the paint a bit of buffer in becoming covered in swirls again. The coating will allow for all of the grime that typically causes these paint defects to be easily washed away.

Lastly the wheel faces and windshield were ceramic coated for ease of cleaning.

The final product was a car that looked years newer!

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