Protecting a Brand New 2019 Chevy Tahoe

This spring a new customer approached us to see what we would recommend to protect his brand new 2019 Chevy Tahoe. His previous vehicle was one he kept for 20 years and he realized the importance of regular deep cleaning and paint protection in keeping that vehicle looking good for that extended ownership experience.

In that time, car protection has come a long way. We now have thick paint protection film we can apply to high impact areas that will protect the OEM paint from getting blasted on our lovely Illinois roadways. We also have ceramic coatings that not only provide multiple years of outstanding paint protection, taking the place of sealants and waxes, but also makes the vehicle many times easier to clean. Once you care for a coated vehicle, it is hard to go back.

We settled on paint protection film for the full front end of the vehicle and our top of the line coating, Modesta BC-04.

Below is our process for these services. Enjoy.

We start every ceramic coating service with a full safe hand wash and decontamination of the paint. The Vehicle Is foamed to remove heavy dirt and contamination prior to mechanically removing road film with a wash mit.

Foaming the car has the added benefit of excess lubrication for the wash mit step, reducing the chances of inducing wash marring or swirls.

The wheels are cleaned during this process. They will receive a further deep clean as a part of the wheels off coating selected for this vehicle.

After the vehicle is hand washed, bugs and tar are chemically removed. We then further decontaminate the paint with a clay bar or clay mitt, gently gliding the clay across the surface to shear any remaining bonded particles.

It is only then that the vehicle is ready for the polish step. We get questions sometimes about our prep process for new cars. "It is one week old, why cany you simply apply the coating right away? Even brand new cars have bonded contamination. The paint has been exposed to the elements long before arriving at your dealership and ultimately to your driveway. During this time environmental contamination and most of the time, rail dust, has had time to bond to the surface. We always collect bonded particles in our clay after washing a brand new vehicle.

With the trim and sensitive areas taped off, polishing can begin in earnest. We set about determining the ideal process to remove factory defects, defects from transport while leaving behind a deep gloss. See the 50/50 below of the surface scratches and scuffs being removed from the brand new paint.

This vehicle was booked for a wheels off coating service so they were removed for a deep clean prior to coating application.

Lots of overspray from an underbody coating done prior to visiting us! Easily removed by this process.

On to the paint protection film expertly installed by our film team.

We use top of the line films and wrap edges wherever possible for the absolute best finished product possible.

Our top of the line coating is best installed after a primer polish. This primer is spread across the paint and film, leveled and left for a period of time before the coating application begins.

The coating process for BC-04 is more involved than most but it is worth it for the final result. Gloss and water shedding levels once fully cured are simply as good as it gets. We are incredibly satisfied with our Modesta lineup.

We have coatings for plastic trim, glass, and leather as well. The plastic trim coating keeps that factory black look for years and prevents fading. Reapplication can restore old worn trim!

This is one of those jobs that truly put an exclamation point on the services once it was pulled into the sun. It looked simply stunning! It is ready for years of protection, gloss and trouble free cleaning.

We have seen this vehicle for its first maintenance cleaning appointment after application and the BC-04 performance was off the charts. We are very pleased with its performance on our customer vehicles and personal vehicles.

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