2018 Corvette Grand Sport: Full Car Clear Bra, Ceramic Coating, Wheels Off Service

Do it once. Do it right.

This 2018 Corvette Grand Sport is the dream for many. It has all the aggressive styling cues from the Z06 without the absurd power that goes unused in many cases. But, don't feel sorry for this Corvette's power plant. The C7 Grand Sport is still packing 460 horses and some massive 335 width tires to put the power to the pavement.

Any sports car like this is made for spirited driving and more times than not these cars, although not typically being daily drivers, accumulate rock chips faster than other vehicles. The typical bulging fenders and low sloping front end design are the perfect recipe for absorbing impact from debris being kicked up from other drivers as well as its own sticky tires.

So, we were commissioned to make this car looks its best for the long term. That means we set out to clear bra wrap the entire vehicle in paint protection film, which was then covered in ceramic coating to reduce the chances of chemical impact from things like bug etchings.

After a thorough prep process including full decontamination the paint was bare and ready to be covered in film.

By the same token the gorgeous polished wheels needed protection. Hiding behind the polished wheels lies a big brake kit and two piece brake rotors prone to spitting out ons of brake dust.

The wheels were polished to remove the bonded iron particles. This happens QUICKLY even with the best of care. So, it was critical to follow up with a wheel specific ceramic coating to prevent this in the future. The brake calipers were coated as well for the same purpose.

The before and after of the wheels was quite a dramatic difference.

The beauty of this paint protection film is that not only does it absorb impact, but it also has a self-healing top coat. That means that and light swirls and scratches heal themselves.

We also take the time to wrap as many edges as possible to make the film hardly noticeable.

The finished results were stunning.

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