2002 Corvette Z06 - Elite Enhancement, Ceramic Coating

A paint revival is one of Detail Peoria's specialties, as we exercise the demons... errr, not demons, swirls and scratches.

Non-metallic jet black GM paint like what covers this Corvette is among the softest and most difficult to properly finish of any color and manufacturer. So, it is no surprise with this finish being soft and the age of the vehicle, despite it being well preserved that the paint needed some serious help. After consulting with our client the goal was set out to correct most of the defects with a two step paint correction and protect it for the long term with a ceramic coating.

The process always begins with a thorough wash and decontamination. A foam cannon is used to produce the proper amount of lubrication to prevent any further damage to the paint. The paint is chemically decontaminated to remove any bonded metallic particles as well as clayed to remove and last particles that have adhered to the paint. This is an important step, especially on soft paints. If any of these particles are left behind they can cause scratching or swirling during the paint correction process.

The next step is always to test a product and process combination. Our goal here is a few things.

1. Remove deeper defects safely with a compounding step

2. After defect removal allow for light haze that can be machine polished to remove marring created in the compounding step

3. Ensure that the tricky soft jet black paint has no light hazing under extreme lighting conditions

Once we find our process of machine speed, compounding/polishing pad pressure, speed at which the polisher moves over the paint, and number of times the pad needs to pass over a given area we can get into the work. The testing process sometimes can be a breeze for us after the numerous black GM vehicles we have completed and documented, but can still take several hours to make sure that we have it right.

Our goal is to leave as much clear coat in tact as we slowly level out the defected paint. This means we are removing precious clear coat that protects the surface from things like UV rays and gives the long lasting shine.

A side by side shows the incredible transformation we were able to achieve after finding the perfect combination.

Areas like this quarter panel almost look gray from light catching all of the scratches and swirls. The defects in the clear paint visibly change the color from a deep and rich black.

After correction the color and clarity of the paint has been restored.

After the paint had been polished the interior, engine bay, and trim was all sorted.

A ceramic coating is then applied to the painted surfaces. This is a BIG deal for paint like this. A ceramic coating can help resist things bonding to the paint. When particles bond to the paint they have to be removed during the wash process and can be very DIFFICULT to remove without causing scratches, even for us pros with tons of knowledge, expensive chemicals, and wash media. So, this ceramic coating will go a long ways to preventing this lustrous black paint from becoming dull and gray in the near future.

Jobs like these are taxing for us. The paint needs every inch polished perfectly or the defects will stick out like a sore thumb from the properly paint corrected areas. We loved the results on this one.

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