2018 Acura NSX - Paint Protection Film

Supercars like the new Acura NSX have a futuristic appearance and drive more like a race car than a street car (move over swagger wagon). It is safe to say that a car like this is what most enthusiasts aspire to own. But, exotic car ownership can come with the price of some additional responsibilities that your standard swagger wagon may not always require.

Owning an elite, fast car, means that it NEEDS to be protected. If the paint work accumulates rock chips it can significantly impact the value of the car. Many would say, but can't it just be repainted? Well... repainted panels de-value any vehicle and more-so impact the value of an exotic car. Not only does it impact the value, but ANY aftermarket paint will chip and show wear more easily than the original paint laid over the fresh bare metal.

And, here is the thing.... Fast cars mean high speed and quick acceleration. Those speeds equal a quicker accumulation of rock chips and bigger, more prominent chips as well.

Bottom line. It is a no brainer to protect a lesser caliber car with clear bra film, so it is an absolute essential on a supercar.

The goal on this NSX was to cover the frontal high impact areas. This boiled down to covering quite a few pieces of body work.

Xpel Ultimate Plus film was used for maximum protection and the added benefits of a self healing top coat that will allow and light swirls and scratches to heal on their own.


Front bumper

Front upper grill

Front middle grill

Front lower grill



Hood vents


Mirrors caps

Mirror arms

Mirror bases

A pillars

Each piece of film was extended where possible to wrap over edges and provide maximum protection.

Wrappoing edges becomes important on the fenders to cover the commonly chipped up areas of the fender wells. The tiny pieces of low quality, yellowed, film that were installed at the factory were removed. Then the film was laid into the fender well for maximum protection as well into the door jams and engine bay for a seamless look. The hood received a similar treatment. The A pillars were wrapped into the door jam after the weather stripping had been removed.

One other point to mention was that the hood emblem was removed for the film to be laid under the film, leaving no seams on the hood. A new emblem was later installed, making the film nearly un-noticeable.

Whether it is a supercar or a more standard daily driver headlights are downright expensive. Most headlights range from $1800-$3000 per assembly. They are also the pieces on the front end to most quickly accumulate rock chips. It is always a recommendation to protect the headlights with any clear bra film package.

Now, this supercar can turn those turbos and hybrid electric motors loose on the Illinois roads without the worry of rock chips eating up the value of this extreme design.

If you have questions about clear bra film for your exotic vehicle, email us at DetailPeoria@Gmail.com.

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