E63 AMG Maximum Protection in a Satin Finish

We had some long time clients approach us with a project we became instantly excited about. They had recently ordered an E63 AMG, I was very excited for them and ready to dig into the nitty gritty of sorting out a prep and protection package for them, but first, some research.

I knew this was a very special car. Mercedes makes excellent engines but when they slap an AMG badge on it, you know it is going to pack a big punch while also delivering a thunderous exhaust note. The E63 comes with a 603 HP twin turbo V8 pushing this 4 door saloon to 60 miles per hour in 3 seconds dead. That floored me. Sub 4 is blistering but 3 seconds flat... that is full supercar performance...with 4 doors... and 25mpg highway. Not bad. Then of course come the aesthetics. Mercedes AMG's do not only sound the business but they look it too. Muscular bulges and and sharp curves define the front end transitioning to a sleek cabin where the mercedes interior does not dissappoint. This was going to be a pleasant car to spend some time with.

All this and the owner further informs me about my favorite part of any vehicle, the paint. It is a stunning matte gray which just plain fits the car. It is, in my opinion, the best color and texture to highlight the gorgeous lines of the car. It looks so good. Of course matte paints are not the easiest to care for. Sure, gone are the worries about micro scratches and swirls of gloss paint but in comes the fixation on the even finish and sheen of the paint. If it gets dirty, if bugs stick and you rub them off, you can add gloss to the surface making the panel look uneven and splotchy. Also rock chips stand out that much easier. Ease of maintenance was key. It was obvious we wanted to ceramic coat the car so that debris would have a harder time sticking to it and it would be easier to remove without rubbing on the paint. Then the rock chips, they are definitely mostly a concern for the frontal impact areas, but in this case, we opted to wrap the entire car in a satin paint protection film, XPEL Stealth. This will give much needed peace of mind, it will be harder to add gloss to the texture of the film while it protects the expensive factory paint from all manner of threats.

OK, I guess it is time you saw some pictures! After a thorough safe wash and decontamination, we set about laying the extensive amount of paint protection film.

Each panel has a peice of film custom cut by our plotter to fit and stretch just right allowing the flat peice of film to conform to the curves and edges of the vehicle. This keeps the trimming knife off the paint as much as possible. The panel is cleaned with alcohol, all cracks and crevices are flushed of debris that could make it into the install before putting the film to the paint on a layer of slip solition. This allows us to maneuver and manipulate the film into place before squeegeeing out the slip solution to lock the film into place. Once installed, the desired effect is to never know there was protection in place at all.

When Ryan was finished with the install, we were incredibly pleased with how the kit fit the car and how well the satin sheen matched the cars original texture. Check this out below. The door on the left is wrapped, the quarter panel on the right is not.

We topped the film off with Gyeon Matte. It is a ceramic coating specifically designed for these types of finishes in order to provide the same ease of maintenance and water shedding ability of their other ceramic coatings but without any of the gloss enhancers that could affect the sheen, and the look of the vehicle. It delivered! The wheel faces also recieved some protection. Necessary to stave off the brake dust that must come out in buckets when this thing is hauled down from a breif punch of the throttle.

When all the work was complete, the car looked stunning as ever. It was a treat to have this vehicle in the shop for a while. Enjoy some of the after shots below!

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