2015 Jeep Wrangler - Elite Enhancement, Professional Grade Ceramic Coating

We are fairly certain that when a purpose built vehicle isn't used how it is intended an angel loses its wings. The good news is, this Jeep Wrangler will not cause any angels to lose their wings. The bad news, offroading can cause some serious issues with glossy paint.

This Wrangler modified by Starwood Customs in Dallas, TX has seen everything from wooded trails to the Moab Desert. Pretty awesome!

But, it was time to revive this paint and remove as many scratches an swirls as possible. The Wrangler had lost its luster with a haze of scratches and swirls covering the surfaces.

So, we jumped into this project with a major foam wash and decontamination on everything from the paint to the wheels and suspension. A heavy chemical decontamination was follow by a clay process to remove as many bonded particles as possible,

Now we were ready to get into correcting the paint. We opted for a 2 step paint correction process that consists of compounding to remove deeper defects and a polishing step to remove any haze and provide a mirror like finish.

We always take into account the budget and integrity of the paint when selecting a process. In this case we were able to improve several deep scratches and remove many others.

In these pictures you can see the dramatic difference between what it looked like before to what it would look like once complete. The paint prior to correction almost looked gray in comparison to the corrected sections.

With the boxy shape of a Jeep and many protruding pieces on the body the correction process was lengthy and tedious. Several specialty tools were used to access tighter areas.

Once the paint correction was complete we were able to shift our focus to these wheels and massive 37" tires. Each were removed from the vehicle to deep clean the grooves in the tires as well as all parts of the wheels in preparation for a ceramic coating. While having the wheels removed the suspension and frame-rails were sorted out as well.

Many areas like the brush guards and side steps were revived and re-hydrated. A side by side shows the deep black color after treatment.

The interior, engine bay and fine details were dialed in and then it was time for ceramic coatings. The wheels were coated for ease of maintenance and a bit more sheen. The paint received a professional grade ceramic coating, Gyeon Duraflex, This coating is extremely hydrophobic and long lasting. Not only will this help the Jeep stay cleaner between washes, but it will also eliminate the need to install any other paint protection for several years. No more waxes or sealants!

Once complete the Starwood Motors modified Jeep Wrangler looked mean and mirror-like!

The wheel wells looks more glossy than most vehicles on the road!

The knobby tires were properly dressed and the wheels were looking great!

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