2019 Mercedes GLC63 AMG- New Car Prep, Clear Bra, Ceramic Coating

There is always "a moral of the story".... If you order a new vehicle or purchase a new vehicle, coaching the dealership on how to handle the vehicle for your delivery is critical.

Fortunately, this gorgeous Mercedes GLC63 AMG was in excellent condition upon delivery to our shop. This is due largely in part to our savvy clients requesting the dealership to not wash or touch the paint.

Nearly all dealerships run new vehicles through a tunnel wash with damaging brushes, causing scratches and swirls prior to the vehicle every seeing the road. We have seen too many vehicles, several with six figure window stickers, show up to our facility already needing to remedy issues. If you are in the market for a new vehicle, make sure to coach your salesperson to ensure these problems are not something you need to deal with.

For the owners of the GLC63, they knew the drill. So, the paint was in terrific condition. That meant we could primarily focus on protection.

Our prep always starts the same way. A thorough wash, foam, and multiple steps of decontamination is a lengthy, albeit necessary step, for protection to last long term.

Once the paint is clean and the exterior surfaces are dried all cracks and crevasses are blown dry.

Now, we are ready for a gloss enhancing polishing step. This step is not only about amplifying gloss, but it is critical for ceramic coatings to form a chemical bond to the paint and avoid trapping fine particles beneath paint protection film.

A gloss enhancement step is less time consuming and costly than more extensive paint correction. It also preserves as much clear coat as possible, leaving all of the UV barrier infused in the paint's clear-coat in tact. So, avoiding that dealer prep covered at the beginning of the article means less cost and better long term results.

This GLC is a beautiful jet black. Jet black is awesome when the paint looks right, but it shows swirls, scratches, and worst of all, rock chips (which cannot be be fixed without repainting) more than any other color.

Protecting against those rock chips, road abrasion, and deep scratches was one of the primary focuses on this project. That meant we were installing quite a bit of paint protection film.

Xpel Ultimate Plus paint protection film provides a barrier with the added benefit of a self healing top layer. The coverage on the GLC63 is extensive. The areas being covered were:

-Front Bumper





-Front Doors

-Rear Doors

-A Pillars

-Front of Roof

-Luggage Strip for Rear Bumper

All areas that the edges could be wrapped over were done for maximum protection and a discreet appearance.

With all of the paint protection film being installed the owners can have the peace of mind knowing that it is going to look great for years to come, without the speckled rock chips showing up on a regular basis.

Once complete with the Xpel film we opted for Gyeon Duraflex ceramic coating. Its industry leading technology gives long lasting protection against the elements and its self cleaning properties mean that the vehicle will be very easy to care for.

A two step application is installed and cured overnight.

The wheels on a fast German vehicles have to put up with more brake dust than a standard vehicle. So, the wheel faces were coated as well to make for easy cleaning in the future.

Lastly the interior areas are finely finished, as well as the engine bay, exhaust, etc.

Then it was time to pull it outside and see how it looked and wow did it ever look amazing. With paint protection film and ceramic coatings covering the vehicle it will stay looking that way for several years.

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