2017 GMC Denali HD- Premium Enhancement, Ceramic Coating, Clear Bra

After owning this GMC Denali HD for about a year this owner was worried about accumulating rock chips from trips back and forth to the Ozarks. He loves this truck and wanted to keep the paint looking great for the long term. We hear this quite a bit. When someone invests in a vehicle of this caliber it makes sense to protect for the long term.

Upon inspection we found light swirl and scratches that needed be remedied, but nothing extreme. After a consultation it was decided that a single step polish, premium enhancement, would be the best option to remove light defects and amplify the gloss, prior to any protection being applied.

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Following our normal processes the Denali was washed, decontaminated, and off to paint correction for defect removal.

Once the paint correction was complete it was into the clean room for Xpel paint protection film to be installed. There were a few areas to focus on in particular. The truck had been outfitted with some nicely finished fender flares that commonly become chipped up more quickly that other areas. The front bumper, a portion of the hood, and fenders were also high impact areas needing protection.

When installing edges were wrapped for a clean appearance, making the film hardly noticeable, but more importantly the film will resist rock chips and road abrasion.

For the fender area the aftermarket flares were removed for a seamless installation. Then the flares were re-installed and a custom piece of film was used to cover the flares.

Once the film was installed it was time for ceramic coatings. The paint was covered in Gyeon Duraflex for long term protection from the elements and easy maintenance. Say goodbye to regular waxing or sealant application!

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The wheels were also coated in a special high temp ceramic that will help the polished surfaces resist brake dust, which can no be easily washed away without major scrubbing.

The interior, engine bay, and detail areas like the exhaust were sorted before the GMC was ready to hit the road. The results were awesome and will continue to look the part for years with all of the long term protection installed.

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