2016 Ford Mustang GT350 - Elite Paint Enahancment, Clear Bra, Ceramic Coating

Step 1: Make it look great

Step 2: Protect it so it stays looking great for the long term

Step 3: Enjoy

Some owners get it... Do the work on the front end to keep the vehicle looking great for the term.

When we got the message from one of our great clients that they had acquired a new steed we were excited. They love their vehicles. The are true enthusiasts of everything that is right in the community of motorsports.

We paid the vehicle a brief visit for an inspection about a month prior to bringing the GT350 into our facility. It had been well cared for, with low miles. There were several things we needed to address to really get the car to the level our clients were hoping for both in terms of paint correction and overall protection. We developed a strategy and set a date to begin work.

The GT350 arrived clean and ready to go. Typically we begin with a wash and decontamination, but on this project we had a few things to sort first. The Mustang, wearing blue stripes accompanied with a white pinstripe also had several vinyl stickers as well as some vinyl on the fenders reminiscent of a Corvette. These items were safely removed prior to the standard work beginning.

Now we were ready for the suds to fly. A thorough foam wash was followed by a two step decontamination to give us a surface ready for further inspection and paint correction.

The first step of decontamination is to remove any metallic bonded particles then followed by clay in the second step. We found the paint to have an insane amount of metallic particles bonded to the paint, which turn dark purple when exposed to a chemical remover.

To our surprise this Mustang had been wearing some type of wax or glaze that was loaded with fillers. These fillers did an excellent job masking imperfections in the paint. A product like this can be useful, but is a very short term solution. We needed to not mask the imperfections, rather correct them permanently. So, what seemed like an easier task suddenly more than doubled the work load in the polishing process. For us this can be a bit of panic (because of the additional man hours), but also exciting that we are going to be able to make a major transformation.

After testing several products and processes we were able to find a combination that would make this paint look amazing.



Left side corrected, right side uncorrected:

Even the vinyl stripes were lightly corrected to an extent that did not risk ruining the vinyl.

Once complete with the paint correction it was time for protection, starting with Xpel clear bra film. This film would protect from future rock rock chips and road abrasion.

A custom package was optioned for this GT350 to give maximum protection for the money. The front bumper was wrapped along with a portion of the fenders and hood. This would help the front end high impact areas from collecting chips. Another area, commonly overlooked, are the A pillars and front end of the roof. They were also covered. Areas behind the front and rear wheels were wrapped with Xpel to protect the paint from the sticky Michelin tires throwing road debris while driving. Of course the mirrors were covered as well. Edges were wrapped where available for maximum protection and a discreet look.

Now that the film was laid it was time for a ceramic coating. This would add tons of gloss that will last, unlike the previously applied protection. It will help the vehicle stay cleaner between washes and make the wash process a breeze with its hydrophobic properties.

The engine bay, wheels, tires, and interior were sorted to finish things off. Now this modern American icon is ready to blind oncoming drivers with its gloss for years to come.

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