2019 Range Rover Sport - New Car Prep, Clear Bra, Pro Ceramic Coating

Many different types of vehicles visit the Detail Peoria location for new vehicle protection. This is the best time to protect a vehicle for the long term. The paint still looks great before swirls, rock chips, and wear begin to show. It doesn't matter the type of car or how often it is driven these things are going to happen. From our extensive experience of working with new vehicles we can tell you they happen more quickly than most believe.

In the case of this gorgeous new Range Rover the vehicle is going to be driven frequently. So, the sooner we could apply the protection, the better.

When new vehicles visit us sometimes they already have heavy swirls and defects. Fortunately, for this Range Rover it wasn't the case. So, we knew that the preparation process for clear bra film and ceramic coating would be less intensive than others. That is always a sigh of relief for the owners.

Jumping into the project in by washing and decontaminating the vehicle both chemically and mechanically we laid the groundwork for great results. This gave us a nice clean surface to begin the light polish to finalize preparation.

The paint was then polished to remove any remaining contaminates and jewel the paint to a high gloss.

Once complete we were on to the major protection phase of the project. A primary goal was to protect against rock chips and road abrasion in high impact areas. This meant we would be apply Xpel Clear Bra Film (paint protection film) in several areas.

For normal rock chip protection the front bumper, headlights, fog lights, and front portion of the hood we covered in clear bra.

Areas prone to road abrasion behind the front and rear wheels were also covered.

By applying the clear bra film this fresh protection will help preserve the paint in areas that would typically be pummeled by the unforgiving Illinois roads.

Edges we wrapped where possible for maximum protection and a discreet appearance.

Once applied the film is hardly noticeable.

After the film was applied it was time to protect the paint and film from the elements. Gyeon Duraflex, an industry leading ceramic coating was applied. This two layer system gives durability against harsh winters and makes cleaning extremely easy with its hydrophobic properties. It also leaves an incredible shine!

Of course we sort out areas like the engine compartment and detailed areas in the interior as well.

After it was all said and done this Range Rover looked incredible and will continue to look that way for years to come.

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