The 4 Best Ways to Protect Your New Tesla

You have just made a MAJOR purchase and if this is your first Tesla you have likely been waiting for this day. You are now part of the movement that we believe will change the auto industry forever.

With a growing lineup you chose your Tesla model with purpose and that was quite the investment. Despite the Model 3 being marketed as a budget Tesla nearly every Model 3, Model S, or Model X on the road are over $50,000 with the top end approaching $150,000. Whether you have picked up a basic spec'd Model 3 or a couldn't live without Ludicrous Mode from a P100D Model S or Model X, your investment was substantial.

So, it only makes sense to invest in protecting that new vehicle for the long term. Not only will it preserve the vehicle's appearance long term, but it will also help its re-sale down the road.

Here are the 4 best ways to protect your new Tesla!

1. Clear Bra / Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film, better known as clear bra, is a clear film that is applied to high impact areas of the vehicle that are prone to rock chips, road abrasion, and abuse. Most commonly it is applied to the front end or areas near that wheels that pick up rock chips, but a protection package can be tailored to protect specific areas of concern all the way up to full vehicle protection .

Compared to many other vehicles the Teslas all have a blunt front end design, where a grill takes up the majority of the front bumper. With much of the front end paint presenting itself to road debris vertically, it will take the maximum force from any object it comes into contact with. This can cause Teslas to take on rock chips quicker than most other vehicles.

Not to knock Teslas as whole, but it is well documented that the painting process from the factory is not yet to the standards of other manufacturers. Tesla seems to be struggling a bit between meeting demand and maintaining standards with exterior paint. This has led to many owners complaining about rock chips accumulating faster than other vehicles. Whether it is true in all cases, clear bra film will absorb damage that usually leads to stone chips.

Rock chip protection is now not the only benefit of clear bra film. The science behind the film has evolved. Unlike clear bra film of the early 2000s that turned yellow after a summer in the sun, the newer films typically have up to a 10 year warranty against yellowing and de-lamination. So, visually the film is clear and hardly noticeable.

But, that is not the best technology with these new films. Many clear bra films have a self healing top layer. Any fine swirls and scratches will heal when exposed to heat.. By simply pulling the vehicle out of the garage and letting it sit in the sun will quickly level out defects and allow them to disappear.

If the film takes on the damage it was installed to protect the paint from, the film is easily and safely removable by a skilled installer. This allows the preserved paint beneath to be revealed and protected again if desired.

Installation of a partial front end can start around $700 making it a wise investment for those who want to protect their vehicle for the long term.

2. Ceramic Coating

Have you ever noticed that after the first six months of owning a new vehicle many owners all of the sudden stop washing their vehicles regularly and that beautiful shine slowly fades away?

There are a few reasons that shine fades. Most commonly it is caused from dirt and grime that is scoured into the paint from improper car washes. After that first or second coat of wax in the first months of ownership the well protected shine is gone.

There is a more permanent solution to quickly fading waxes or paint sealants. The term glass coating was introduced over a decade ago with claims of lasting years. But, with improper preparation processes and diluted products many owners were left hoping for more.

Over the years specialized installers have been trained in processes to help these products bond to the paint for the long term and those once diluted products have greatly evolved. for better durability and performance.

Now known as ceramic coatings these ceramic/silica based products can give years of shine to a vehicle for a number of reasons.

Not only do ceramic coatings help vehicles stay clean for longer periods between washes, but they also make the wash process easier and quicker.

There are now silica based products for more than just your paint as well. You can have long lasting protection applied to plastic, glass, wheels and bare metal trim. Teslas have an enormous amount of glass with the full glass roof and glass B-pillars. Adding a ceramic coating for the glass surfaces of your Tesla will help you see better in all directions when driving in inclement weather.

For more information on ceramic coatings check out: Ceramic Coating 101

If you are wanting to keep your vehicle's shine for the long term, the investment in having a ceramic coating applied has proven to be worthwhile for many owners.

And, never overlook finding a well trained installer than understands the preparation process along with the product chemistry. The keys to making the ceramic coating last are finding a quality installer and a quality product are the two essentials.

3. Weather Liner Floor Mats

Keeping an interior looking great is important for resale and also important for how you feel about your vehicle. A regular wipe down of the steering wheel, seats, and dash can go a long ways to keeping that appearance top notch. But, many times carpet wear is unavoidable.

Yes, you can replace the floor mats whether they are carpet or rubber all season mats, but manufacturers do not make their mats to cover the entire carpeted surface. Over the course of time the exposed edges of the carpet become soiled, stained, and matted down. Many times the only fix is actually replacing the carpet.

In 1990 a company called Weathertech decided it would be best to make these mats cover the entire surface, which are now commonly called weather liner floor mats. Since then Weathertech has developed floor liners for virtually every vehicle on the market that keeps the floors protected. The best part is that the liners are easily removable for cleaning and cleaning is a breeze.

Other companies have sprung up along the way to try and improve on the Weathertech design. Regardless of the brand that you choose this small investment goes a long way to protecting the interior of the vehicle for the long term.

4. Interior Protection

Depending on the Tesla model and interior options there are a few other wise options to help protect your vehicle for the long term.

The model 3 has a beautiful piano black center console trim. Like many other manufacturers this plastic is EXTREMELY easy to scratch. Even by wiping your hand across the surface will induce light scratches. There are several options to protect this area or mask scratches. The best option is a gloss or satin paint protection film. With self-healing properties this will keep the trim looking great for the long term. Vinyl wraps are an option as well. They can offer some other designs and colors for a custom look. In either case, this will help preserve the costly interior trim.

When it comes to the massive touch screens that help control the features of the Tesla many have found it beneficial to install a glare resistant screen protector for better visibility and protection.

If you were the brave souls that opted for that gorgeous white interior, we have news for you. You will experience dye transfer from your clothing. A leather coating can help resist much of the discoloration, but in all reality this will be an uphill battle for the life of the vehicle. We see no issues with the white interior choice. It is beautiful and compliments the design element better than other colors in our opinion. The best bet to preserve that pure white look is to protect the surface early and clean it often.

Follow this guidance on the model or options that apply to you and the interior will stay looking great for the long term.

If you have a new vehicle and want to protect it for the long term, look for a reputable installer of clear bra film and ceramic coatings. A master installer has taken years to acquire the skills and knowledge for installation.

And, before purchasing floor liners check around online to make sure that the brand you choose has a well reviewed liner for your make and model specifically.

Owning a new vehicle can be quite enjoyable. Follow these three tips and make that enjoyment last.

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