2018 Mazda CX5 - Elite Enhancement New Car Prep, Full Front End Clear Bra, Professional Level Cerami

When purchasing a new car you expect to pick it up and the vehicle looks great. But...... many times after getting the new vehicle home and giving it a quick wash reveals less than desirable reactions.

Many times new vehicles have been taken through automatic car washes, at the dealer, with damaging brushes. They also could have a layer of glaze or wax applied that fills the imperfections for one or two washes. The short lasting glaze quickly is washed away revealing swirls and scratches. For some buyers, they don't care or even see the defects. But, many buyers have saved long and hard, dreaming of the day they would pick up their new vehicle only to feel a little let down.

This Mazda was no exception. The gorgeous red paint is among the best colors we have ever laid eyes on. But, riddled with swirls the paint was dull and lifeless.

The goal of the project was to make the paint look fantastic for the long term. This meant that we would be performing an in depth paint correction, applying Xpel Clear Bra Film, and applying Gyeon Duraflex (professional line ceramic coating).

Beginning with a full wash the vehicle was first foamed and and cleaned by hand. Then we followed up with a chemical decontamination to remove any commonly bonded metallic particles from the paint.

The wash and decontamination process is critical for us to remove anything bonded to the paint prior to paint correction. If the particles were to be left on the paint they could cause further damage during the paint correcting polishing process.

Once clean the vehicle is then mechanically decontaminated with a fine grade clay mitt and again rinsed.

The Mazda was then dried and prepared for paint correction.

Proper testing allowed us to find a product and process that would yield amazing results as seen in the picture below. The left side shows the before and the right side of the light shows the after.

From a further view the defects are more evident.

After correction the paint looks deeper and more clear.

Panel by panel the paint was brought up to a condition that is better than most new vehicles when they were delivered.



After the paint correction was complete the life had been restored to the paint. This red paint reminded us very much of the 2018 Acura NSX we worked extensively on earlier in the year. The paint now appears to have almost a chromatic look.

Now it was time for protection. To guard against rocks chips and road abrasion Xpel Clear Bra (paint protection film) was applied to the entire hood, fenders, front bumper, headlights, and mirror caps. New cars can sometimes begin to show rock chips in the one hundred miles of driving, making it important to have clear bra installed as soon as possible.

After application the film is hardly noticeable, provides a ton of protection, and also has a self-healing top coat that heals any light swirls and scratches. As many edges as possible are wrapped to provide maximum protection and the best appearance.

From the time the vehicle was wrapped with film to the time it was picked up several other clients visited the shop to drop off or pick up vehicles and every single one asked if the film was on the Mazda or if it was still yet to be done. So, that was a good sign that the film is going to be very discreet.

After the clear bra film was applied the paint and film was prepared for a ceramic coating. The coating provides protection against the elements and an incredible long lasting shine that makes the vehicle much easier to clean than before.

The Mazda received Gyeon Duraflex ceramic coating. This coating, limited only to authorized installers, is among the slickest and most glossy on the market. Once complete we were thrilled with the results.

The interior was dialed in along with the finishing bits under the hood to provide the final touches.

The finished product is something even those who are the most skilled in judging a vehicle would approve of.

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