Paint Correction 101

Paint Correction: What is it, what does it do, and what does it mean to have it done?

Paint correction is a common term in the detailing world, but it is commonly misunderstood by most vehicle owners.

Our mission at Detail Peoria is to help clients feel great about their vehicles! How? We complete the heavy lifting by perfecting and protecting their vehicles with proven methods and industry leading products.

But, we also feel it it is our duty to de-mystify much of detailing and vehicle protection. This way owners can better understand the process, which in turn helps them make better decisions about investing in long term solutions that make their vehicles look great.

When it comes to paint correction our clients have found this information to be incredibly valuable. We have accumulated our knowledge through education, testing, and sheer volume of work.

So, let us impart some of our wisdom and bring it down to size.

How we can best explain paint correction is by breaking down the IS, DOES, MEANS of paint correction.

IS, DOES, MEANS of Paint Correction

What IS Paint Correction?

The removal of paint imperfections by leveling the surface to an even finish.

What DOES Paint Correction do?

There are many types of paint defects that range from swirls and scratches, to water etchings, or buffer trails and paint marring. These can be caused by either improper care, accidental damage or mother nature.

Regardless of the type of defect, they are all remedied by the same process. The surface has to be leveled as much as possible, still preserving the integrity of the paint, to remove the defects.

When you see defects the reason you can see them is that light catches the edges of the defects and reflects light back in different directions. If you have enough of these small imperfections it will make the paint dull. A defect free surface will look very glossy or 'wet' as all of the light reflects off the vehicle evenly.

As you can see in the graphic, the depth and severity can very. This means some defects like swirl marks from hand washing or buffer marks from improper polishing can safely and easily be removed. But, deep scratches can sometimes only be improved with increased risk to the integrity of the paint.

This is why offer multiple levels of paint correction. It may require more extensive work to remedy the defects on some vehicles.

We also think it is important to fit the right amount of paint correction to our clients desires. For many owners they plan to use their vehicle on a daily basis and would rather opt to leave as much clear protection as possible on the vehicle. They simply want their vehicle to be improved and protected. This is why we offer four levels of paint correction. To understand why we offer four levels will better help you understand what paint correction actually does.

1. Enhancement Paint Correction (Light Polish)

The Enhancement Paint Correction is offered for two reasons. This will remove the very lightest of defects and simply jewel the paint to give more shine. This is a common option to someone preparing their vehicle for sale.

This is also the bare minimum preparation for a ceramic coating as it leaves the paint perfectly clean and clear of contaminants that might otherwise impair the coating bond to the clear-coat.

You can find more on ceramic coatings here.

If you are having a coating installed work with a qualified specialist to determine the right level of correction for you before we apply a long term protection option.

2. Premium Paint Correction (1 Step Paint Correction)

The Premium Paint Correction is a process where defects are removed and the paint is jeweled to a high gloss shine in a single step. Many light swirls and other light defects can be removed in this process. This is perfect for either someone that has taken exceptional care of their paint and light swirls have slowly accumulated or someone who is simply looking to improve the appearance of their paint, but not desiring to remove the more challenging defects.

3. Elite Paint Correction (2 Step Paint Correction)

The Elite Paint Correction is able to remove deeper defects by separating the deeper defect removal and paint polishing or jeweling into two separate steps. In the first step a heavier compounding process is used to level the paint to a greater extent. It typically causes the paint to become hazy from its abrasive process. Then a second refining step is completed to remove the haze, leaving behind an incredible transformation. This is the typical choice for vehicles that show obvious defects or those who want to remove the majority the defects.

4. Signature Paint Correction (2+ Step Paint Correction)

The Signature Paint Correction is for someone who wants the maximum paint correction. So, many deeper defects that remain after the 2 Step Paint Correction will be gone over until remedied or it is determined that it is unsafe to remove any more material. This process can become extremely labor intensive to achieve the highest possible results, many times yielding 75+ hours in the paint correction alone. For those who need the best, this is the choice, as we built a custom tailored program for their needs.

So, there is a wide range of paint correction options. With proper guidance from a well versed specialist you will be able to make the choice that is right for you.

We have countless stories of clients' faces lighting up when they see their vehicle transformed from the paint correction process.

What it MEANS to have Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the best way to improve the appearance of your paint. By removing the defects that dull your vehicles finish the paint looks more rich and glossy.

Vehicles are becoming more and more expensive. They are typically the most expensive item second only to a home that most Americans will own. So, by making the investment into paint correction we see time and time again that clients feel great about their investment in making their vehicle look great.

Lastly, if you choose to have paint correction services done on your vehicle we cannot stress enough the importance of proper paint protection to preserve the finish. We believe that a ceramic coating is the best long term option to protect that beautiful shine.

If you have question or would like to schedule a no obligation consultation, email us now at

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