2018 Mercedes GLA AMG- Enhacement

This beautiful Mercedes GLA AMG is going up for sale and the owner wanted it to look its best for prospective buyers.

Together we decided that an Enhancement Paint Correction would help make the paint look more glossy and appealing.

This is a cost effective option for owners who don't want to try and remove major swirls or scratches... Amplifying the gloss is enough. Of course we sort out the interior and engine bay along the way!

The process always starts with a thorough wash and multi-step decontamination to remove and potential bonded particles.

Then we are able to polish the paint to increase the shine. The Enhancement Package does not aim to remove defects, rather just increase gloss and give the paint a pleasing appearance. That is why this is a common choice for those getting ready to sell. It is cost effective and a yields a great result.

Of course items like interior detailing and engine bay, along with the wheels, tires, and glass are taken care of as well. This Mercedes looked stunning leaving the shop and is ready for a new home!

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