2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat - Premium Enhancement, Level 1 Ceramic Coating, Full Front Clear Bra

The Dodge Hellcat name has built quite a cult following. Over the years numerous owners have sought us out for the best refinement and protection that can found. With this gorgeous red Challenger it was no exception. The owner has been maintaining the car extremely well, but wanted a few things addressed....

1. The paint to look its best, by correcting any imperfections

2. The impact areas be protected from any potential rock chips

3. The surfaces would be easy to safely keep clean (without causing swirls)

So, the plan of attack was to polish the vehicle to perfection, cover the front end in Xpel clear bra film, and then coat the surfaces with a ceramic coating for long lasting protection.

We always begin the process with a full wash, decontamination, and assessment of the surfaces. And, in this case we were thrilled to see the paint only showing light swirls and scratches. Thus means we were able to opt for less paint correction to still get an excellent result. In the long term this helps preserve the integrity of the paint.

Once we had found the proper combination of product and process we were off to the races.

Here is what the paint looked like prior to correction, showing several light swirls and scratches from normal wash maintenance. If you zoom in you can see them across the light and you will also notice the reflection of the light to not be that clear.

After correction virtually all of the swirls were eliminated. Now with a a perfect reflection of light we know that the color will look deeper, more rich, and glossier.

Side by side the difference is obvious. The left panel yet to be corrected shows many imperfections compared to the right side that has been completed.

After all of the painted surfaces were corrected we were on to protecting the front end from rock chips. The Hellcat was prepped in our clean room for installation. The hood, fenders, front bumper, and paint behind the rear wheels would all be protected with Xpel clear bra. This would provide a durable barrier that is hardly noticeable and also give the benefit of a self healing clear coat that heals any light swirls are scratches on its own.

After the film was installed we were ready to protect both the paint and the film from future contamination with a ceramic coating. This adds an incredible shine that lasts years and makes keeping the vehicle clean a breeze!

We were dying to get this one outside and see the finished result. The pictures show how incredible the results were.

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