Ceramic Coating 101

Ceramic Coating: What is it, what does it do, and what does it mean to have one?

We are big believers in ceramic coatings and have been for years. In fact we obsess in everything related to ceramic coatings.

Our obsession has led us into researching product chemistry, conducting our own long term product tests, and delving deep into the processes that promote a long lasting chemical bond. Yup, we are nerds for this stuff... But, we feel like the message in the marketplace doesn't need to be so nerdy. So, let's take ceramic coatings from the complex to the understandable.

Let us share with you some of the knowledge we have accumulated along the way!

How we can best explain ceramic coatings is by breaking down the IS, DOES, MEANS of ceramic coatings.

IS, DOES, MEANS of Ceramic coatings

What IS a ceramic coating? A ceramic coating semi-permanent ceramic/silica protection that bonds to the applied surface to provide long term protection.

That is why sometimes you hear them referred to as a glass coating. What DOES a coating do?

1. A ceramic coating leaves a long lasting shine. Unlike wax, these chemicals bond to the surface and form a long lasting chemical bond that is going to last years, not months. In simple terms, a ceramic coating is essentially bonding a very thin layer of glass on top of the surface.

2. A ceramic coating helps resist bonded particles. There are lots of nasty particles your vehicle will pick up from driving or sitting out in the elements that can easily bond to your paint.

These particles can be anything from bug guts (which become highly acidic in a short period of time), to road salt, tar, pollen or overall grime. Over the course of time this will not only make your vehicle more difficult to safely wash without swirling the surfaces, but it will make the wash process a pain. A ceramic coating goes a long way to providing a high surface tension barrier between all of those nasty things and what lies beneath the coating (ie paint).

3. A ceramic coating typically has hydrophobic properties. That is a fancy way of saying that liquids, specifically, do not stick to the surface. Why is this important? Well, these hydrophobic properties create a high surface tension. That means all things, whether liquid or solid, are less likely to accumulate on the surface. And if they do accumulate, they are easily washed away.

Bottom line: Hydrophobic properties help your vehicle stay cleaner, longer. What it MEANS to have a coating?

So now that you know what a ceramic coating is and what it does... What does it mean to have one? What are the benefits? The claims on the internet can get downright outrageous. From our research and long term testing testing here is what we have found to be true:

1. You car will stay looking its best for a long time.

2. You will worry less about driving your vehicle in the elements

3. Your vehicle will be easier to maintain and stay cleaner longer between washes.

4. When it comes time to wash the vehicle the process is easier and quicker.

Explaining coatings can be entirely too technical for many clients. Keep it simple. Keep it scientific.

And.... bottom line, if you are curious, find a reputable installer to have one installed. From our experience, it is worth the investment.

If you have coating questions, email us at detailpeoria@gmail.com

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