2016 Porsche Cayman - Elite Enhancement, Ceramic Coating, and Clear Bra

This Porsche Cayman came to us as a gorgeous car that needed a little help to make it look great again. The owner wanted to address two things: bringing the paint back to life and protecting it well.

We looked over the paint and recommended our Elite Enhancement package. This paint had seen some improper washes and rotary polishing. This paint deserved to look great!

The owner also wanted protection against rock chips and road debris. He was wary of driving on the interstate since the front end had been recently repainted. The window of time before rock chips take over is pretty short here in Illinois.

If you want to know how important it is to have this protection installed, just ask any Porsche owner. They are quite accustomed to rock chips accumulating quickly and likewise they were some of the first widespread adopters of clear bra films.

Not only does the clear bra film we install provide protection, but it also has a self healing top layer that will correct itself from any light swirls or scratches.

That is pretty amazing!

On to the project!

Once we found a technique that responded well we were anxious to see the side by side results.

This was one of the most shocking transformations of the year. The paint went from almost a dull and gray haze to a deep black shine.

Pictured is the passenger front fender after decontamination. It was in a sad state of affairs.

After our compounding phase the deep scratches were removed, but a heavy haze was left behind. In this instance the heavy cutting was necessary to remove the deep defects.

We followed up with a polishing step to remove the haze created by the cutting step. This left a deep black gloss.

The rear bumper showed many deep defects as well.

After cutting it showed a haze as well.

Once the polishing step was complete the paint looked to be a completely different color.

After the paint was remedied completely we were ready to protect the front end from rock chips and road abrasion. The headlights, hood badge, and sidemarkers were all removed so that we could wrap the film over as many edges as possible. This makes the film hardly noticeable, but more importantly it gave tons of protection.

The film can be seen overhanging the light housing on the top right. This makes the film less obvious with more seams hidden.

After the film was installed the paint and film was ceramic coated to help this car to stay looking great for years.

A ceramic coating helps to keep particles from bonding to the paint. So, when the car is washed a stream of water carries away most of grime picked up while driving.

Then by the time a wash mitt or a towel touches the paint it there are far fewer particles on the paint that could cause scratches or swirls.

The wheels were removed and the suspension, brake calipers, wheel wells, and wheels were deep cleaned.

Then the wheels and brake calipers were ceramic coated for easy maintenance. The Caymans are known for spitting out a ton of brake dust, so the coating goes a long ways to making the cleaning process easy.

The paint after completed looked dark, rich, and glossy.

The depth of shine is amazing and here to stay for a long time!

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