2005 Acura NSX - Elite Enhancement

Sometimes the most collectible cars accumulate swirls are scratches faster than the normal car.

When "weekend cars" head back into the garage they rarely seem to be in need of a full blown wash. So many times they are wiped down with quick detailer. The dust, bugs, road grime is scoured into the paint leaving behind swirls and defects.

Over the course of time the accumulation of swirls cause the paint to lose its gloss and depth of color.

So, even though this rare Japanese legend only has 30k on the clock, it was much in need of a revival!

If you are a fan a Japanese supercars you know this 2005 Acura NSX is currently one of the most sought after cars of its era. Its high revving motor and mid engine design made it one of the best driving experiences offered in the mid 2000s.

So, when we got our start with the NSX we began with a full wash and decontamination of the surfaces.

Once we had a clean slate we were able to assess the paint condition and begin the testing process to bring the paint back to life.

This job called for our Elite Enhancement, which involves a compounding step to remove deeper defects and a polishing step to jewel the paint for the highest gloss finish possible.

Once we found our process we were able to make quite the transformation. Red paint is typically tough to capture on camera, but this transformation was so dramatic it was shown off well in a 50/50 test.

Even from a further distance the color change is striking. When more closely inspected the individual defects that were corrected are more easily seen.

The team strategically worked their way around the car to achieve the maximum correction while still preserving the integrity of the paint.

After all of the paint was corrected areas like the taillights and soft plastic pieces were also corrected. As you can see, just above the lock hole the taillights had the same swirls and scratches as the painted surfaces.

Once corrected you can see that the lens appears clear again.

The soft black plastics showed the swirls as bad as any area on the car, as we quite frequently see.

Once all small areas like this were corrected the car looked tremendous.

The photos once the transformation was completed show an incredible depth of shine. The NSX will forever be a legendary car to enthusiasts. It would not be surprising to see these cars continue to appreciate, especially with low miles like this example.

We love working on cars with heritage like this and we were thrilled with the outcome. Check out some photos of this gorgeous New Formula Red paint in the sun.

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