2018 BMW M5 - Clear Bra

When purchasing a new car there is a limited window of time until the rock chips begin to show on the front end of the vehicle.

This new BMW M5 was ordered for European delivery. After the owner flew to Germany to enjoy the vehicle on the Autobahn the BMW was sent to the US for delivery. That is why you see the foreign license plate installed on the front bumper. It was the plate used in Germany!

Several of our clients have taken delivery of BMWs and Porsches in Germany and rave about the experience of seeing where the car was made and enjoying the high speed runs abroad. If you are ordering one in the near future make sure to look into this. It is not terribly expensive and is an experience of a lifetime!

Shortly after the vehicle was brought to us for partial front end coverage. The front bumper and a portion of the fenders were covered as well, along with the headlights.

Headlights are prone to picking up rock chips rather quickly and can be quite expensive. These lights in particular top $4000 per pair for replacement, so the film is a wise investment.

As we install the partial hood coverage the clear bra is installed side to side. The film is printed with excess to wrap over the edges giving the delicate edges protection against chips and road debris.

The owner also opted for us to remove the BMW emblem in the center of the hood, so that we could wrap beneath the area, making the film even less noticeable.

Once complete the film, hardly visible, is able to give years of long lasting protection.

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