2018 Acura NSX - Signature Detail the ultimate in perfection and protection

One of our clients recently came to us seeking the absolute best paint protection available for his pride and joy. We scheduled an extensive and complete paint correction service to perfect the exterior prior to a full car paint protection film install and ceramic coating. The subject of this detail was the very beautiful new Acura NSX with a brilliant metallic red paint job. There were light wash marks throughout the vehicle from a year of use so we tailored a 2 step correction process seeking perfection and maximum gloss.

We began the detail with a full 2 bucket wash to begin the decontamination. The tires were scrubbed with Tuf Shine Tire Cleanerand the wheels were addressed with a variety of our favorite specialty brushes. We hand washed the car with Optimum Car Washbefore treating with Car Pro Iron X and mechanically decontaminating with a clay mit.

With the paint completely clean, all delicate areas were carefully taped off. Our test spots showed the paint was responding very well to our selected cutting and polishing steps. Compounding leveled the paint nearly perfectly and with very little haze. The finishing polish had no issue restoring brilliant clarity and gloss. The trick with this car was mapping our sections through the very intricate body work. We became very well acquainted with our Rupes ibrid Nano in the many fine detailed areas of the car.

One of our go-to products in the shop is Griots Garage Fast Correcting Cream. It cuts nearly as much as the grittiest, most abrasive compounds we have used yet still finishes down very well leaving a very small amount of haze to refine with a finishing polish. The test spots revealed the need to step up to a microfiber pad and compound and FCC was our first choice. The paint responded nicely; you can see the transformation below. It can be difficult to capture our progress on red paint and this was no exception. The images below have been edited to highlight the marring and wash marks present in the original finish.

When the paint correction was complete we brought in our friends from Chicago Auto Pros in to fully wrap the car in paint protection film as well as tint the windows. Every inch was carefully wrapped including all edges where possible. It was a great to collaborate to bring this car to the final result our customer was looking for.

We finished the detail with ceramic coating for the exterior of the car and the wheels making the car not only fully protected but also much easier to clean. This one is a daily driver believe it or not. It came into the shop on snow tires! Now it is fully protected for peace of mind.

We scheduled a short photo shoot as the weather was just too nice out for February in Illinois not to enjoy it. The car looked stunning in the sun. Acura uses a proprietary paint technique for this color that makes the paint dance as the sun hits the edges and curves. Here are some of my favorite images captured before final customer collection.

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