2019 Mercedes GLC 300 New Car Prep, Clear Bra, and Ceramic Coating

There is a limited period of time from when a vehicle is purchased to when the front end is covered in rock chips, water spots begin to form, and paint swirls become noticeable.

Fortunately, this is not the first vehicle these clients had brought to us. So, as soon as they picked it up they brought it to us.

We began the process with cleaning with the wheels and tires.

After the wheels were clean it was on to the paint. Using a foam cannon for maximum lubrication the car was hand washed.

A full decontamination was done with iron fallout remover, then the paint was clayed with a Nanoskin clay mitt.

The paint was then dried and all cracks and crevasses were blown dry before polishing.

After a full wash and two step decontamination we were ready to polish the paint to fully prepare the paint for a coating and clear bra for the front end.

The front bumper, hood, fenders, and mirrors were covered in Xpel self healing film. This will give the front end years of protection against rock chips and road abrasion.

Both the film and paint was covered in a ceramic coating. This will aide in keeping the car clean, keeping it glossy, and resisting the elements as winter approaches.​

The interior, engine bay, and final pieces were sorted and the results were fantastic.

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