2018 Tesla Model 3 - New car prep, Clear bra, and Ceramic Coating of paint, film, wheels, and glass

When you take delivery of a new car there is a limited window of time if you want to be able to keep the car as perfect as possible, before the rock chips, paint etchings, etc begin to happen. Those things are just part of owning a car that gets driven. Protecting a new vehicle will not only pay dividends in resale value, but also enjoyment.

We always begin this process with preparing the vehicle for protection, which is an absolute necessity. A full wash, chemical decontamination and mechanical decontamination remove any bonded particles. These particles come from assembly and transport and are inevitable.

Once the decontamination is done the entire has all sensitive parts taped off and it polished completely. In this instance both the paint and glass were polished to remove any remaining contaminates. This provides a bare surface for ceramic coatings to semi-permanently bond to, giving the maximum life of the coating. Without all of the labor intensive prep the coatings would simply not hold up over the test of time and the elements

Since this Tesla Model 3 came to us immediately after delivery for protection it had no stone chips or road abrasion present on the front end. In Illinois this doesn't take long to begin happening.

The entire front end and mirrors were wrapped in Xpel Ultimate Plus clear bra. This clear film not only provides protection against rock chips, but also gives a self-healing top layer that will allow for small swirls and scratches to disappear under the heat of the sun.

For a seamless installation the hood badge and side markers were removed. As many edges were wrapped to make the film less noticeable. Things like this go a long ways when you plan to own the car for several year.

No one likes to have a great looking car when the wheels are always dirty and caked with brake dust. With the Model 3 the wheels were removed and deep cleaned, along with the nicely finished brake calipers. As usual, bits of tar were picked up from minimal driving.

They were then coated in a wheel and brake caliper specific ceramic coating for ease of maintenance, which helps aid in resisting brake dust and bonded particles like tar.

The fender wells and suspension were cleaned and sorted while the wheels were removed.

After the film was installed and wheels were back on the car the paint and film received Gyeon Duraflex coating for maximum protection from the elements, added shine, and easy of maintenance. With less than fifty installers in the US, many clients come to us requesting this industry leading ceramic protection. Coating the film specifically can as much as double the life of the film before it discolors or degrades according to Xpel.

Of course all interior surfaces were sorted and cleaned to remove and oils that were transferred from skin and clothing to keep the leathers and vinyls from breaking down over time.

Once complete this Model 3 is looking great and will EASILY stay looking great for YEARS.

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