1967 Jaguar E Type - Elite Enhancement and Level 3 Ceramic Coating

The history and heritage of this car has quite the story. Many know the E Type as the best English car ever produced.

This particular E Type was built for a doctor from Indiana in the late 60s. She took delivery in the England and enjoyed the car there for several months before shipping it home. When the revised headlights and front end became available the car was shipped the car back for it to be redone.

Years later the current owner completed a full restoration, returning it to its original form. The British Racing Green paint was masterfully repainted.

When we were asked to inspect the vehicle we found a pristine car that needed our expertise, so that the paint finish could match the rest of the restoration quality.

Heavy buffer trails and swirls covered most of the car masking the rich and deep green paint. Fortunately we found the perfect combination of product and process to bring out the best in this paint. The results speak for themselves.

Once the paint was perfected, we were ready to protect it with industry leading technology. Our ceramic coating with industry leading technology is only available to less than fifty detail shops in the US at this point. The ceramic coating boosts gloss, provides extreme protection against elements across the ph scale, and makes for

insanely easy maintenance.

It was an absolute pleasure working on this English icon. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

A 50/50 picture shows heavy swirls and buffer trails left behind from what was most likely the finish work after the restoration.

Even after removing majority of defects some deeper scratches remained.

The time was taken to remove deeper scratches to leave a near perfect finish.

The small and delicate areas were handled with precision machines like the 1" polisher Jack is operating.

The clarity restored to the paint was nothing short of amazing.

An extensive steaming and cleaning was done on all the intricate areas of the engine bay.

Once complete the car looked most likely better than it did the day it completed assembly.

The reflections were like looking into a green mirror.

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