2018 Lexus NX300 F-Sport - Clear Bra

SUVs in general have a rather blunt front end that can accumulate rock chips quicker than more smaller cars with less surface area on the front bumper.

So, we find SUVs need front bumper protection more than many other vehicles.

The owner of this Lexus contacted us as soon as he picked up his new Lexus to schedule the vehicle for Xpel clear bra.

Xpel clear bra provides long lasting protection against rock chips and road debris. It also has a self healing top layer that will self correct any light swirls and scratches.

The owner opted to have the front bumper, headlights, and front portion of the hood and fenders covered in clear bra film. In many instances this is our recommendation. It is cost effective and the with newer films like Xpel the line on the hood is hardly noticeable.

Yes, we can cover the entire hood and fenders for a more seamless installation, but it is more costly and since most of the impact is absorbed in either the front bumper or leading edge of the hood and fenders additional film can be more cosmetic than pure function.

We also find it wise to have film put on the headlights during the process. Newer headlights like these can range from $2000-$5000 per pair. So, the film is a small price to pay to protect the lenses.

On this particular vehicle we wrapped the headlights, signal marker lights, and fog lights.

The film, when installed, is floated over the paint with a slip solution.

Once positioned, it is locked into place with a squeegee removing the slip solution from beneath the film.

If you have questions about clear bra film installation, shoot us a message!

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