BMW X5 - Elite Enhancement- Elite Nano Coating- Premium Interior

This BMW X5 was brought to us to revitalize the paintwork via a 2 step polishing process and deep clean and refresh the interior throughout.

These BMW brakes are notorious for accumulation of excess brake dust.

As our wheel cleaner goes to work, it turns purple as it reacts with the iron particles in the brake dust. Breaking it down chemically makes the stubborn bonded dust easier to safely remove with gentle agitation.

That's the way its supposed to look!

When the vehicle completed its full decontamination, it was time to set about inspecting the paint for defects and determining a process that would remove as many as possible and also finish to a brilliant shine. Here is a 50/50 on the hood to show the end result.

Some deeper scratches were noted throughout and adressed specifically to diminish or remove them with as little clear coat removal as possible.

Looking better

Door before

Door after

Tail light before

After Compounding

After Polishing

Bumper before

Bumper after

Quarter before

Quarter after compounding

With the paintwork sorted, the interior received a deep cleanse.

Floor mats were scrubbed and stains extracted

The sun would not come out for us but it was clear the gloss had been restored.

It is looking great and is protected for years to come.

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