Chevy Cruze Enhancement + Elite Nano Coating

This Cruze came to us seeking ease of maintenance. The owner lives at the end of a long gravel road and was looking to have our elite nano coating applied to aid in the removal of the dust and debris build up. Given the use case and the owners goals we opted for a light polish to improve the gloss and shine of the vehicle before coating the paint and the wheels.

The car arrived wearing the caked on dust from the gravel road.

This dust was EVERYWHERE

The entire car was fully washed and decontaminated before we turned our sights on the wheels.

Most of the brake dust and grime was removed during the wash process but the wheels were removed to tackle the bonded contamination like this tar.

Here you can see our products working to loosen and break down the tar deposits so they can be safely removed.

Looking much better

The wheels were wiped down with an alcohol solution to rid the surface of any remaining residue before they were coated inside and out. This will help keep the dust from sticking and also make it easier to remove come wash time.

While the wheels were off, attention was paid to the wells and suspension components.

That's better

Even the lug nuts got some love before reinstalling.

On to the paint. This car was booked for a light polish. Given the use case and the goals for the paint, we opted against heavy duty defect removal. The paint was lightly polished to bring back gloss and shine. It is also a necessary step in the paint coating process.

Here you can see the light defect removal and restoration of gloss.

Driver door 50/50. Heavy and medium scratches remain but the polishing process takes care of much of the haze, allowing the metallic paint to shine through.

Once polished we topped the paint with our most durable coating. This ads a lot of slickess and adds to the gloss of the final finish. Here you can see the light filling effects and gloss enhancement of our coating. The right side is coated while the left is after polishing only.

Tidy engine bay

Once all was said and done, the car showed an incredible transformation in the sun.

Wheels, clean, coated and ready

The gloss is back!

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