GMC Yukon- Elite Enhancement Detail + Elite Nano Coating

This GMC Yukon was brought to us to transform the finish on the paint and protect it for years to come with our elite nano coating. Each enhancement service begins with a full safe wash and decontamination. The paint and wheels are safely hand washed. Iron fallout, bugs and tar are chemically removed and the paint is clay barred to remove the final bonded contamination. This process reveals the true condition of the paint and prepares it to be corrected through machine polishing.

For a light color with metallic paint the conditions is best inspected in the dark. At first glance under normal conditions you may not be able to see that there is anything wrong with the paint and that was the case with this vehicle. However under the right conditions you can see the swirls and scratches throughout which are robbing the paint of gloss and brilliance.

We set about to dial in a correction process that would yield the intended results as efficiently as possible.

A heavy cutting stage followed by a finishing polish brought life back to the finish.

We target around 80% correction for our elite enhancement service (2 stages) and generally surpass this level. Here is an example of the type of defect that may be left behind in that 20%. When we come across these types of defects we can stretch the 2 stage service by hitting the scratch several times during the cutting stage by crossing over it when polishing adjacent sections.

You can see here that the defect is heavily diminished after 3 cutting stages. We stretched the service to help address deeper defects and in this case, while it still remains due to its severity, it will be extremely difficult to see without these harsh lighting conditions.

Passenger door before

Passenger door after

Bumper before

Bumper after

Once we were happy with the paint finish, our elite nano coating was applied. This adds an extra kick to the gloss level and provides protection and ease of maintenance for several years.

Looking great in the sun

I love the depth of this metallic paint in direct sunlight. So good!

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