2017 Shelby GT350- Elite Enhancement New Car Prep + Elite Nano Coating

This car was brought to us seeking to get the paint to perfect condition from the start and protect that finish for years.

The car arrived with normal dirt, grime and brake dust from its first few months of driving.

We started with a full hand wash and decontamination procedure to prepare the paint for inspection and correction.

Looking better after the wash. Here we are putting our new spotless water system to the test!

The paint received our elite enhancement service to ensure all defects and etchings could be remoived.

Factory de-nibbing mark removed

Making sure the plastic coating is applied to all surfaces.

Exhaust tips looking 100%

Once we were finally finished and coated all the hard work payed off. this ruby red color is incredible in the sun when fully corrected.

This is one of my favorite vehicles. Each portion of the car just feels right. The sport seats in this example are comfortable yet they hold you in a way that you know they are ready for the business. The steering wheel is the perfect formed. The body lines are just right and the paint looks spectacular. That'

s not to mention it is a performance powerhouse in all departments with an incredible exhaust note!

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