2017 Shelby GT350 Elite Enhancement New Car Prep + Elite Nano Coating

This brand new car was brought to us to perfect the paint finish and protect it for years to come. The job spec included a wheels off detail to ensure they were 100% clean and to protect them throughout.

Rust and brake dust accumulation from its first 1000 miles

Wheels fully cleansed

Once clean the wheels were wiped down with an IPA solution in order to remove any residue that may be left on the surface prior to coating.

The wheels were coated inside and out. This nano coating will provide a durable, hydrophobic layer of protection for 1-2 years with proper maintenance.

The car received a 2 stage polishing process throughout to ensure as many deeper defects in the clear coat could be removed as possible. Here some finger swipes over a rock chip are highlighted.








With the entire car fully compounded and polished to a fine gloss, it was protected with a layer of our elite nano coating. The ruby red paint absolutely pops off the car in the sun.

I can get lost in this paint

An excellent car. Very nice to have it in the shop.

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