2016 Porsche Targa S Elite Enhancement + Elite Nano Coating

As always, we started with a full wash and decontamination process. Here we are starting with the wheels. See the clean front wheel pop against the contrast of the rear which has a layer of debris and brake dust.

Clearing and drying all trapped water before moving on to the correction stage.

We had a leg up this time around. Having already dealt with the paint last year we were able to set to work straight away restoring the exterior. Note the haze left on the right hand side by coarse rotary buffing. Clarity is restored on the left after a 2 step paint correction process.

Bumper defects removed

Front Bumper Before and After

The wheels were given the full treatment as well. Fully cleansed inside and out off the car in preparation for full nano coating.

Now fully corrected, the car is wearing some brilliant saphire blue metalic paint!

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