2017 Porsche 911 4s Elite Enhancement New Car Prep

This vehicle came to us straight from the dealer lot. Driven from Iowa to be fully prepped and protected, we received it with 300 miles on the clock. A full wash process was performed to reveal the condition of the paint and prepare for polishing.

A 2 step correction process was selected to ensure a proper defect free finish for this brand new car.

Defects are difficult to capture on this bright paint but it was heavily swirled throughout. Unfortunate given its short life.

Our 2 stage correction process brought the paint work back to its proper condition.

The wheels were removed, cleaned and coated inside and out. The wheel wells received a deep clean and the calipers were coated for easy cleanup of road grime and brake dust.

Looking smart in the alley.

The sun finally showed up and the real magic happened.

I didn't mind looking at this all weekend!

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