2017 COPO Camaro Elite Enhancement New Car Prep

This was an amazing project to be a part of. Those of you who know about this car understand its rarity. This may very well be the rarest vehicle brought to the shop to date and I am very happy to have been a part getting this example into excellent condition, setting it apart from its siblings.

The car came to us almost straight from the assembly shop. A light wash and decontamination process was performed to prepare the paint for inspection and polishing. The deep defects throughout the car were most evident in the back half which was black.

Here you can see deep defects present after the first cutting stage.

Additional cutting steps were performed where required to create the desired results.

The finish is then further refined with a final polishing step.

Defects and rotary buffer trails on the deck lid.

after compounding

after polishing

Once this process was complete throughout the paint work, the car was coated with out elite nano coating to aid in ease of maintenance and removal of debris from the track.

Deep gloss was restored to the paint throughout

Ready to tear up the strip!

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