2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Premium Enhancement + Elite Nano Coating

Our customers came to us with this beautiful white Z06 seeking protection for the paint from the debris it experiences at the track. We addressed the paint with a single stage Premium Enhancement service and followed it up with our Elite Nano Coating to provide the best protection and ease of maintenance that we can.

The car was washed and completely decontaminated to prepare it for the polishing process. A single step process was dialed in to produce a better than new finish with incredible clarity and gloss.

Excess touch up paint was noted in a few spots on the front bumper

It was removed with our polishing process

Tail lights before

Tail lights after

Some deeper blemishes were noted in a few portions of the car and were removed with the 1 step polishing process.

The exhaust tips were polished to get them looking like new.

The glass had hard water etching throughout which was removed with a deep cleaning and polishing step.

I was able to utilize the newest addition to the shop to help address the tight low sections of the car. I expect it will pay for itself in chiropractor bill avoidance!

Once complete and the nano coating was applied, the car looked stunning in the sun.

Ready for track duty!

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