#15 Ford Mustang Track Car

We recently had the opportunity to work on a very exciting project. Our customer recently finished a large winter update to his dedicated Mustang track car. It was then up to us to put our expertise to work on the paint finish to help bring the car to a uniquely refined state.

We began with our normal wash and decontamination process. The car was washed, treated with iron fallout removal, and then clayed to strip the paint bare for polishing. We then set about dialing in a single stage correction process landing on a cutting compound on a medium foam cutting pad.

We acheived excellent correction in 1 step while finishing the paint to a fine luster. The car had lots of new vinyl recently appied. It was all carefully taped off to avoid damaging it during the polishing process. We used a LOT of tape.

When all of the paint was corrected it was wiped with an alcohol solution to remove any remaining polishing residue and prepare it for coating application.

After coating application the car looked spectacular in the sun. This color looks great in direct sunlight.

The livery applied to this car is very well balanced, Combined with the forgiving color this car loves the camera.

As the car is subjected to various debris at the track, the coating will help keep debris from attaching to the paint and help remove the debris that does remain.

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