Mercedes GL550 Elite Enhancement + Premium Nano Coating

This Mercedes GL550 was brought to us with many swirls, scratches and deeper defects the customer wanted removed. It was corrected and protected with our elite nano coating.

The vehicle was covered with the debris and grime from the early march snow

The car was fully washed and decontaminated to prepare it for paint correction work

A 2 step process was used to remove defects then refine the finish to bring back the gloss and luster to the paint. 50/50 of the passenger side doors

Hard contact was noted during inspection. It was unclear how severe the damage was until the paint correction process began.

Luckily, the damage was mainly paint transfer and scuffing of the clear coat. Most of the damage was removed with 3 heavy cutting stages.

When complete, the paint looked incredible in the sun. The metal flake pops in the sun and the paint is deep and glossy.

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