2015 Chevy Suburban Elite Enhancement and Nano Coating

This 2015 Suburban was recently acquired by our customers knowing that the paint work would require major correction to meet their needs. The vehicle was washed and fully decontaminated to reveal the true finish of the paint and prepare it for correction. A multi step compounding and polishing process was employed to reach the results you see in the 50/50 below.

Multiple compounding steps were used to remove as many defects as possible and a final polishing step revealed crystal clear black paint.

Driver side door 50/50. Here you can see finger marks from closing the door using the paint work. When the car has dirt on it, fingers running across the paint work will pull the dirt across the paint creating marks like you see below. It is always recommended to use an interior handle or the exterior handle to close the door in order to avoid damage like this.

Hood 50/50

The glass was polished to remove hard water etchings and stains.

On the passenger side running board you can see the faded plastic molding with many scratches and scraped from getting into and out of the vehicle.

Our plastic coating restores depth and color to plastic trim and does an amazing job of obscuring the marks seen in the image above.

After nano coating application the gloss is incredible

One big black mirror, ready for delivery

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