2017 Audi SQ5 - New Car Enhancement & CQuartz Finest

This car was brought to us right away after being purchased. The owner has had CQuartz on her previous vehicle and knew she wanted it applied to this new beauty ASAP. The vehicle was already in great shape, but our enhancement service took it to the next level. This SQ5 is an awesome blend of sport, style, and luxury... and this sepang blue paint makes it stand out from everything else on the road! What a great car to close out 2016.

Typical signs of winter driving from the few days the car had been used prior to arriving at our shop.

We began with a multi-step cleaning and decontamination process which consisted of a foam presoak, hand wash, chemical decontamination to remove tar and iron deposits, and mechanical decontamination with fine grade clay to remove other bonded contaminate.

Looking great already

The entire vehicle received a light polish to enhance gloss and remove very light swirl marks

The paint was nearly flawless, and the metallic flake really came to life

The jet black trim was worse off than the paint, which is not uncommon as these areas are very delicate and susceptible to damage

The vehicle was not in for true paint correction work, but a light polish removed the majority of the damage, leaving them looking much better.

The entire vehicle was wiped with an alcohol based solvent to prepare for 2 coats of CQuartz Finest paint coating.

The car is now protected and has reached another level of gloss and clarity. We were in love with this color!

The gloss black appearance package, which consists of jet black mirrors, trim, and grille, really highlighted the sporty feel of this SUV

What a gorgeous SUV!

Glamour shots

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