E55 AMG - Elite Enhancement, Nano Coating, Premium Wheels Off Detail

This low mileage 11 year old vehicle was brought to us for some reconditioning. The paint had a considerable amount of swirls and scratches in it which created a lack of depth in the finish. After a thorough cleaning and decontamination, a 2 step paint correction process was used to restore clarity in the paint. Wheels were removed for deep cleaning. Wheels and paint were coated with nano coatings for durable protection and easier maintenance. The end result is a car that looks many years younger.

The vehicle arrived with a heavy layer of dirt and grime on it.

Bird droppings

Hard water spots covered the entire vehcile.

I began with a multi-stage cleaning and decontamination process to ensure the paint was ready for correction.

Once clean the condition of the paint was revealed under our inspection lights.

I performed a series of test spots to determine the best process that would maximize our results.

This photo shows the condition of the hood prior to correcting the paint.

50/50 on hood showing the transformation. The driver side has been corrected, and most defects have been safely removed. Notice how much clearer the reflection is.

50/50 on hood showing the transformation

Door before correction

After heavy cutting the majority of defects had been leveled, but the finish was left dull and hazy. This is why we must perform a final polishing process to maximize the results with this type of restoration.

Final polishing revealed the clear and dark finish we were aiming for.

Trunk before correction

Trunk after correction

50/50 on B Pillars

The wheel faces were covered with a thick layer of brake dust

The wheels were treated with strong, but gentle chemicals to begin breaking down the grime

Wheel faces after cleaning. Looking much better!

The wheel barrels may have never been cleaned. They had an extensive amount of grime built up on them.

The wheel cleaner turns purple as it begins to react with the brake dust and grime

Much better

Wheel well before cleaning

Wheel well and caliper cleaned up

The exhaust tips appeared to have never been cleaned as well. There was heavy build up and major pitting.

Polished up

Showing the underside of the tips. Right side polished, left side unpolished.

Afterwards the car looked outstanding. The paint was deep and reflective. I'd be willing to bet that it looks better than most 11 year old vehicles on the road.

Engine was cleaned up

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