2016 GMC Yukon - New Car Prep & Nano Coating Services

This brand new Yukon arrived in fantastic condition, and it is leaving in even better shape after a long list of services... The new owners wanted the vehicle to be protected for easier maintenance inside and out. The paint was thoroughly cleaned and polished before applying a durable nano coating that really makes the paint glow. The exterior plastic, glass, and wheel faces were also protected with specific nano coatings. Inside, we applied 2 coats of our leather coating to resist staining and make clean up a breeze. This car is protected to the max, and the pearl white paint is glowing. This is a great way to preserve your new vehicle!

Scuffs in paint from bumping the rear hatch on the garage... photo prior to correction

After correction - a major improvement, though some were still visible elsewhere on this panel.

The rest of the paint received a light, gloss enhancing polish prior to coating. It's hard to capture the beauty of white, but this pearl paint looked outstanding.

What a beauty!

Wheels were coated for easy maintenance.

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