2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat - Elite Enhancement Services, Premium Wheel Service, and Nano Coating

This vehicle was brought to us for a full paint correction to remove some scratches and swirl marks that were a result of improper car washing. Durable protection was applied to paint, plastic, and wheels. The end result is a vehicle that looks brand new again.

After the paint was clean, it was easy to see the defects in the paint

In order to remove the defects, we begin with a compounding process to level the paint. This process leaves a hazy finish that must then be refined.

Our final finishing polish remove the haze and restored perfect clarity to the finish.

The final results after the 2 step correction

50/50 showing the correct panel vs. an uncorrected panel

The wheels were removed for a proper cleaning and coating of the faces and barrels.

Wheel wells and brakes had a layer of dirt and grime

These areas were tidied up while the wheels were removed

In the end, the paint looked like a mirror. This big beast is ready to hit the road!

The paint looked insane in the sunlight!

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