1995 Porsche 993 - Elite Enhancement Service & Paint Sealant

This vehicle was brought to us for a full paint correction to restore some clarity and gloss into the aged finish of this beautiful 993. With 21 years of age and nearly 100k miles on it, we were certain the car would need a considerable amount of work, and we were correct. After many days of work, we completed a 3 step paint correction process and transformed the finish from ok to outstanding. The vehicle is exceptionally glossy, with a very deep and dark finish. I think it is safe to say that this car look about 15 years newer than it did when it arrived. I <3 Porsches!

The vehicle was pretty clean when it arrived, but we began by properly cleaning the wheels and tires.

I had to break out the cotton swabs to get into all the small nooks on these 2 piece wheels

Nice and clean

The paint was then cleaned and decontaminated. Our inspection lights made it very easy to see that the paint needed a considerable amount of work

This extremely soft, delicate paint allowed us to make a tremendous improvement. Here is the difference after the initial cutting process, and we would continue to refine the surface with 2 more polishing steps to make a 3 step paint correction process.

Hood before

50/50 on the hood during compounding process. Major improvements

The "hips" had some pretty severe defects

After compounding, again a major improvement

This wing had been left in awful shape by the body shop

Signs of progress after the compounding process. This would of course be refined even more with our polishing steps

Little glamour shot before tucking the car in for the night

Once complete, I pulled the car around to examine it in the sun... I was blown away with how dark and glossy this paint was

We don't get any more sun in front of the shop this time of year, but the car still looked absolutely amazing. Look at that gloss!!

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