2014 BMW 750 LI - Elite Enhancement & Nano Coating

The owner of this vehicle had recently purchased the car and noticed that there were odd looking defects all over the vehicle. Upon inspection it was very obvious that the vehicle had been damaged by the detail shop at the dealership. The vehicle was covered in rotary holograms which are created by improper use of a rotary buffer. Thankfully we were able to restore the paint to its rightful glory, and the new owner can enjoy this incredibly luxurious ride.

The vehicle was quite dirty when it arrived

I began by cleaning the wheels and tires, followed by a very thorough cleaning and decontamination of the rest of the exterior.

Once clean, it was very easy to see the massive amount of damage that was done by improper buffing during dealer "prep"

There were etched water spots as well

General swirl marks were also found throughout

My test spot showed amazing results. The holograms were completely removed, and only a few deeper defects remained.

Check out the difference in clarity between our proper paint correction work and just "buffing". Those who know me best know that I am a little bitter when people refer to my work as "buffing" because this is the type of results I general associate with that word. What we do is so much more! Understanding paint systems and abrasive technologies allow us to produce the best finish possible.

After over 20 hours of labor, the paint finally looking proper. Check out how pronounced the metallic flake is now that it isn't covered up with a hazy finish.

Exhaust tips before polishing

After polishing

We had a wheel repair specialist repair 2 curbed wheels, and they turned out great!

The paint was coated with our level 1 nano coating, and the car looked absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately there was no sunshine to show it off.

A quick video walking around the vehicle... Be sure to watch in HD!

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