2014 B63 Widestar - Enhancement Service & Nano Coating

This very special SUV was brought to us for a deep cleaning, gloss enhancement, and durable nano coating. The vehicle underwent an extensive cleaning process (inside and out), and was then machine polished to enhance color and gloss. The exterior was then coated with our most durable nano coating for even more gloss and easier maintenance. This is one awesome SUV!!

The vehicle arrived fairly dirty.

We began with the wheels. They appear to be a satin gunmetal finish, however that is not truly the case. The massive brakes on this AMG distrubute an immense amount of brake dust that has completely covered the wheels.

Our powerful wheel cleaner turns purple as it begins to react with the brake dust.

Once clean, the true raw metal finish is exposed. What a gorgeus set of wheels.

The rest of the exterior then received a very thorough hand wash, chemical decontamination, and mechanical decontamination to ensure all contaminants were removed.

After polishing and coating, this car looked stunning.

These gorgeous HRE wheels look right at home on this Brabus widebody

Deep, clear reflections make this beast look great!

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