2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat - Elite Enhancement, Elite Nano Coating, Premium Wheel Service, Glass

This car came to us for a full makeover and maximum protection. With just 1200 miles on the odometer, you would expect the paint to be in nearly perfect condition, however that does not seem to be the case with any of the new cars coming from Dodge. This vehicle was covered with scratches and sanding marks that needed to be corrected. We also removed the wheels for thorough cleaning. Paint, wheels, plastic, and glass were all coated with specific nano coating products. After many days of work, it looked absolutely outstanding! Check out the photos we took during this project...

Wheels were removed for deep cleaning. Brakes were also deep cleaned.

Wheel wells all cleaned up.

The wheels were cleaned and coated. They looked outstanding afterwards.

Here are several photos of some of the defects that were visible before the correction process.

Correcting all exterior painted surfaces, even the smallest areas.

Here are several photos taken after the correction process. Crystal clear, nearly flawless paint.

Mirror like reflections

These long, flat, jet black panels made this car look like one big mirror.

All black really suits this sinister vehicle.

The sun never lies... this paint looked great!

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