1999 Porsche Carrera - Elite Enhancement & Nano Coating

This vehicle was brought to us for a complete overhaul of the exterior. The paint has been through a lot, and it showed. The car was covered in swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, and other surface defects that led to a dull appearance. After some thorough cleaning, and days of correction work, the car looked so much better! The finish was swirl free, and now had deep, clear reflections. We coated the car in our Elite Nano Coating for years of durable protection and easier maintenance. In the end, this was a fantastic transformation and we're very proud of the final product.

I started by thoroughly cleaning and decontaminating the exterior of the vehicle.

Once clean, our high powered inspection lights were used to highlight all of the defects in this aged paint.

The compounding process removed the majority of defects, leaving only heavier scratches behind. This process leaves the surface looking hazy, so we are not done with our work just yet.

After compounding, the surface is carefully polished with a fine polish to restore perfect clarity. Notice the dramatic side-by-side difference.

After completing the 2 step correction process this door looked great. I'd say we easily removed over 90% of the defects from this panel.

Comparing the before and after of the driver door.

Quarter panel before correction. The paint was very dull due to the large amount of surface defects

After compounding the clarity was dramatically enhanced. This would later be refined with our finishing polish.

The bumper was also very dull due to the many many many defects in the paint.

After compounding the clarity was dramatically enhanced. Again, this would later be refined with our finishing polish.

Fender before correction

Fender after compounding

Hood before correction

Hood after compounding

Rear before compounding - notice the severe oxidation on the wing and rear panel

Rear after compounding. Unfortunately the wing was beyond repair and will need to be repainted. The oxidation on the rest of the panel was successfully removed

Passenger door before correction

Passenger door after compounding

50/50 shot showing the difference that our final polishing process makes.

The sun doesn't lie. The paint is swirl free with only some heavier defects remaining. Overall, a very successful project!

Afterwards this car looked 10 years younger. The paint was deep and glossy, with crystal clear reflections.

A final walk around video.. watch in HD!

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