2013 Roush Mustang - Elite Enhancement Service & Nano Coating

The owner of this Mustang contacted us because he had noticed these "micro scratches" all over his car and was hoping we could help removed them. We were told that the car never really looked quite right from the day he bought it, so he was eager to have the paint corrected. We were happy to accept the challenge, and set out to make this car look amazing. A two-step paint correction process removed nearly all of the defects from this vehicle and left an incredibly glossy finish. The paint and plastic were then coated with a ceramic nano coating for added protection and easier maintenance. This bright red paint look awesome when we were finished!

This car was covered in deeper swirls and scratches that left the paint with a lot of room for improvement.

After some testing, I found the best process for leveling the defects. As you can see, the compounding process removed the majority of the swirls and scratches in the paint.

After compounding, a fine finishing polish was used to restore clarity and color.

Door before correction

Door after compounding. Notice the defects have been removed, but the finish is hazy.

The final polishing process removes the compounding haze to reveal a deep, rich looking finish.

Here are a few before/after shots during the compounding process.

This bright red paint was then covered in our elite nano coating, and it looked incredible when we were finished.

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