2016 BMW M4 - Elite Enhancement Service

This vehicle was purchased with considerable water spot etchings and signs of many bad car washes. The new owner wanted us to restore it to its true glory and make it look like a new car should, so we decided on our Elite Enhancement Service to remove the majority of defects from the finish and also our Premium Wheel service to clean and protect the wheels. The end results was fantastic. This color is certainly one of my favorite that we have ever worked on.

The exterior of the vehicle was carefully washed and decontaminated.

Once clean, the damage on the paint was easily visible.

Water spot etchings covered the front of the vehicle were removed during the paint correction process.

Here are some before & after shots taken during the correction process.

Side emblems were removed to allow for proper correction of the front fender

After the vehicle was corrected, a fine finishing polish was used to restore clarity, color, and gloss.

Wheels were removed, deep cleaned, and nano coated.

Wheel wells were cleaned and dressed.

Paint was coated with 22ple Mistico Elemento glass coating.

Paint was coated with 22ple Mistico Elemento glass coating

After removing coating residue. Look at that clarity

I could stare at this car in the sun all day. The color and gloss were ridiculous.

This is one gorgeous car!

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