2014 Maserati Granturismo - Premium Enhancement Service

This vehicle came to us for our Premium Enhancement Service in order to drastically improve the gloss and clarity in the paint, and then top it off with a layer of hard, durable protection.

We started off by cleaning the wheels and tires. As you can see, this area is subjected to a lot of dirt and grime, causing the wheels and tires to look dull and dirty.

A strong, but safe, pH neutral wheel cleaner is sprayed onto the wheels and turns from a clear liquid to purple as it reacts with brake dust and starts to dissolve it.

The wheels are cleaned inside and out, and the tires are scrubbed, revealing a clean and bright finish.

We then turned our attention to the rest of the exterior where we thoroughly washed and decontaminated the paint to ensure it was completely clean, and as smooth as glass.

Once clean, we were able to better inspect the condition of the paint. It is more difficult to spot defects on white paint, but the swirl marks are still visible in the right conditions. This damage is the result of improper washing and drying and really reduces the overall gloss of the finish.

After performing various test spots, I was able to determine the best process for correcting this paint with our one-step approach. This process revealed a dramatically brighter finish while also removing all of the swirl marks, leaving only deeper defects behind.

This 50/50 shot shows how much brighter the paint was after the correction process. Notice how white the nicely polished area on the left is compared to the unpolished area on the right.

Here are a handful of other before/after shots that were taken throughout the correction process.

Once the paint was corrected, it was prepped with an oil & polish remover, and then coated with our Premium Nano Coating for years of durable protection and gloss.

The wheels were sprayed with a wheel sealant for easier maintenance and resistance to dirt and grime.

The exhaust tips were polished.

The interior and engine bay were also cleaned.

Leather was deep cleaned to remove the embedded dirt and oils, revealing a clean surface. (top portion dirty, bottom portion cleaned)

This interior is gorgeous

The end result was stunning. This white paint really glowed!

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